GENOGRAMS A Genogram is a type of family tree, a diagram of a family over several generations. More importantly, it is a representation of those family relationships. It is designed to help you understand
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing genogram creator free

Welcome to the genogram instructionsvideo I've designed this video to helpyou understand a little bit more aboutthis project and what you are to do incompleting your genogram and beginningyour project it's important to know thatthis assignment is like a family treebut it will hold much more informationthan just a simple family tree normallywould it will be built similar to afamily tree but I'm going to walk youthrough the rules and what this shouldlook like when you're finished first andforemost it must include all of yourfamily members from your grandparentsdown so it will include yourgrandparents aunts uncles cousinschildren grandchildren etc you will needto collect information from other familymembers the odds that you will have allof this information are very low but youcan identify a couple of family memberswho it's okay to ask questions too andwho will answer these questions to tryand gain as much information as youpossibly can in order to fill this outyou must identify yourself in a specialway so that when I look at your genogramor when someone else would be looking atit then they can see where you are onthere and it needs to include firstnames of everyone and identifying yearslike birth years death marriagesseparations divorce abortion miscarriageetc you need to track the familydynamics like closeness between peopledistance hostility cut-offs etc you needto include alcohol or drug issuesphysical or mental health issues and youshould consider tracking things in yourfamily that are important maybe only toyour family like education religiontraveling race and ethnicity if thefamily is multicultural etc you may usea computer program like word publisheror another program to draw your genogramyou may also hand draw it if you handdraw it it's very important for you tobe neat you need to use rulers and othertools that make sure that it looks greatand that it can be easily read andunderstood this movie is showing you theoption to use Microsoft Word and theirdrawing tools I will not teach you howto use these tools you cansomeone I'll show you if you don'talready know or you can choose to handdraw it again it just must be very neatif your genogram must have a key thatshows what each of the symbols mean I'llshow you that at the end of this videoand you must save it as a word JPEG orPDF document for submission inblackboard if you have questions youshould ask them rather than just guessfeel free to email me or get in contactwith me to let me know that you havequestions you can call or email and itwill take a while to do you should havealready started getting the informationand you should get started drawing itduring week 3 so I'm going to show youthe basic drawing of a genogram familyI'm making this family up as I go alongjust so that we use a lot of the symbolsthat you can see what they look like soI'm going to start with the grandfatherand grandmother very...